Bulk Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective tool to remain in touch with your existing clients and also prospective customers. Be it an email for product promotion / monthly newsletter / product information guide for which the information needs to be passed to the existing clients, new customers, email is the most cost effective & cheap medium for sending information to all. It is also useful to announce new product launches, invite participation or sign-ups for workshops / seminars / webinars, notice for reminder of payments, notice for renewal of service. The best part is that it does not require manual intervention to do all this. Once the marketing manager / team decide to send out a promotional email, or the accounts department has decided to send out the bulk / mass emails, what they only need is a smart presentation preferably in HTML format.
This is where AV Solutions can come in and be of help to you. We are proficient in designing smart web based layouts designed in HTML, which are used to send these emails.

Not only do we design these mailers, we also give you an interface from where you can select one / selected few / all of the data in your database, to send out these emails. Along with this is also required an automated service which will schedule to send these emails one be one to the selected list of people. You can even schedule the date & time to send out these emails at a later date, or send the email instantly. To put it simply, we give you an application / software by which you can schedule and send the emails to all your contacts at one click, along with the new designs at regular intervals as required by you. Each time thus the end receiver would get a smart fresh design of the marketing campaign.

ways of effective email marketing without creating annoyance

Before sending out a promotional email, 3-4 informational emails should be sent to make people aware of the product / service that are being targeted to be sold. One should not get a promotional email without even knowing what the product is all about.
The design and layout of the email should have right formatting along with professionalism and trust. It should not have too many special characters to be caught by the spam filter and send it to the junk folder instead of reaching the inbox of the recipient.
Time is another very important factor while using this tool for marketing. It should normally go out during a period when the recipient is normally to be found free from his busy schedule. This type of mass emailing is done for sales, special offers on some products, events etc. So it would more useful to send these emails during festival seasons when the people are on a buying spree.
Use of effective subject line, catchy words and smart images help in emails promoting a product line of a company.
The navigation should also be very clear so that even a very normal user who is not very tech savvy, also gets the message across clearly.

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