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Automated Payment Reminder Application

The biggest problem faced by most of the companies is to collect timely payment from their debtors.

The accounts department has to repeatedly follow up to get the dues cleared.

This eats up their precious time & increases the total credit in the market by supplying additional stock of goods & materials to clients who do not have intention to clear their outstanding dues in time.


  • You can add as many clients as required.
  • The credit limit for each company can be fixed, beyond which no invoices would be raised.
  • The reminder for payment can be set on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • You can sort the details based on whether the payment for invoices has been received / pending.
  • The application is hosted on the cloud, thus there is no cost of hosting and server maintenance on the part of the customer.
  • Huge salary payable to the server administrator is also eliminated.
  • The application is upgraded from time, which will come free to all the customers
  • There is no maintenance cost of the application.
  • Since the data is on the remote server, the question of data loss due to system crashing down is eliminated.
  • Since again it is on the cloud, it is safe from hacking because of the security features in place.

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