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Why apnaEkart?

Importance of Shopping Cart Development in E commerce Website

Owners all across the country run successful online store at apnaEkart. You can sell fashion, electronics, sporting goods, furniture, even food. Easy to use interface to get your shopping site going in minutes.
Get a personalized web address to promote your shopping site. Work without any headache of maintaining the server, and incurring huge expenses every month.

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The trend of shopping online has been on a constant increase and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. But, how will your online store stand apart from your competitors? What will make your visitors turn into customers? An impressive design, easy navigation and search, security of customers data and financial information are some of the key factors for the success of an eCommerce store.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Create sub categories within main category to display products in the most appropriate section
  • Categorize products with size / without size
  • Deactivate products which become obsolete/ get out of stock
  • Allow registered users to store their preferred products in the "Wishlist", so they do not have to look for them again
  • Upload monthly newsletter / product guide / company policy helping your buyers understand the guidelines
  • Get customized URL on signing up
  • Create sub categories up to 3 levels within the main category
  • Add products in respective sub categories
  • Add brand with each product detail so that visitors can buy products of brands of their choice
  • Maintain inventory of stocks
  • Customize "Welcome Note / Message", and send out promotional offers whenever required
  • Customized designs on demand
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