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A Comprehensive Task Management Software

Delenate is a comprehensive task management software

Delenate offers to manage tasks assigned to yourself & your colleagues in an organization.

Each employee / user becomes accountable and responsible to finish the jobs assigned to him by his peers / boss within the stipulated date.

The user benefits by completing his task with the target date by getting bonus points which in turn increases his chance for a better appraisal.

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The Basic Steps

  Delegate & Coordinate :  Tasks are regularly assigned by the boss / colleague to his subordinates / peers. Delenate helps to maintain a detailed record of all the jobs assigned within the group.

  Accountability :  The assignee becomes accountable to execute the job within the target date. This affects his yearly appraisal.

  Maintain :  Delenate helps in maintaining professional relations, managing personnel & finances along with quality assurance. Timely execution of goals enable accurate performance based appraisal.

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