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Email marketing is an effective tool to remain in touch with your existing clients and also prospective customers. An email for product promotions or monthly newsletter to existing clients & or new customers, an email is the most cost effective medium for sending information. It is also useful to announce new product launches, invite participation or sign-ups for workshops / seminars / webinars, notice for reminder of payments, notice for renewal of service.

The best part is that it does not require manual intervention to do all this. Once the marketing manager / team decide to send out a promotional email, or the accounts department has decided to send out the bulk / mass emails, what they only need is a smart presentation preferably in HTML format.

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Application Modules which can be customized as per requirement

  • The contact list can be easily imported from your existing database in excel / csv format.
  • You can even schedule your messages to be sent at a later date.
  • Huge salary payable to the server administrator is also eliminated.
  • Here is no maintenance cost of the application.
  • Since again it is on the cloud, it is safe from hacking because of the security features in place.
  • You can filter data based on your current requirement by using the query feature in the application That means, you can send an email blaster to your contacts in a specific demographic location belonging to a specific industry in just two steps.
  • The application is hosted on the cloud, thus there is no cost of hosting and server maintenance on the part of the customer.
  • The application is upgraded from time, which will come free to all the customers.
  • Since the data is on the remote server, the question of data loss due to system crashing down is eliminated.
  • We also provide service / help in designing smart layouts used to send out bulk emails to your contacts.
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We have a host of applications to suit various needs of the industry. Choose your pick, take a demo & use it if you like it.

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