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School Manager

A fully integrated ERP software for Schools / Universities / Colleges / Academic Institutes. It is an administrative & management software which offers a complete suite of features that the best educational software can provide.

The application is a new generation collaboration platform based on peer learning that enables learning beyond classroom and leads to improved results for the school.

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  • Comprehensive solution integrating all the modules required by any school in a single application.
  • Multi user functionality enables different users with varied access rights and roles to work on the application simultaneously.
  • The web application is fully scalable, and can be customized as per school's requirement.
  • The application can be hosted on the intranet / internet environment, as per requirement.
  • Since the data is on the database server (MS SQL Server), the same can be secured by implementing proper security features in place.
  • Integration with our in house accounting system saves time and energy of the accounts department, as each transaction in the application (School Manager) starts reflecting in the accounts section at real time.

Application Modules which can be customized as per requirement

  • Front desk management
  • Student registration
  • Admission details
  • Fee master
  • Time table records for different classes
  • Attendance records
  • Examination details
  • Library records
  • Hostel module
  • Inventory module
  • Transportation facility
  • Manage assignments online
  • Connectivity between parents and teachers
  • School calendar managed by the admin
  • Payroll management system
  • Accounts (optional)
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