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Are you looking to make the most of your company's technology investment?

MIS Solutions can guide you to choose and implement the right technology for your business. MIS solutions integrate business processes and improve productivity and efficiency within enterprises. Customized MIS solutions may include HR & Payroll Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Tracking System, Operations Management, Accounting Management, Asset Management, Projects Management and Admin portal etc

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Customized MIS Solutions
  • Benefits for Reporting and Analysis: Reporting can be conceived as a system of inter company statements and reports, utilized not only for controlling and evaluating results achieved in past period. Outputs in the form of statements and reports should also be used for decisions about measures for improving company performance in the future. Unfortunately, even nowadays, many companies see the regular reporting as routine, exhausting and not very popular activity. We often see a "fight for data" every time after accounts final. These data are then filled into many more or less standardized tables. As the complexity and size of the company grows, the “bottom-up journey” of the data, ergo the process of getting the data from lower-level organization units to the top management, which should be the user of these reports, is more and more thorny and lengthy.
  • Benefits for Planning: So far, we have discussed the benefits of management information systems mainly in the context of reporting improvements and proper information structuring. Benefits for planning, however, are no less important. Modern MIS can offer various tools for efficient planning support. Planning is a key activity in the majority of nowadays companies. A well known proverb says: “The key characteristic of winners is the ability to plan their success”. According to classical concept, plans can be classified by planning period length as long-term (strategic–usually a couple of years), mid-term (tactical–the most common example is annual plan) and short-term (operative–the planning period can be a couple of months in this case). The annual plan plays a key role in most companies, so we will focus on it further.
  • Motivation for MSI Deployment: Comprehensible, quick and anytime-available reporting. Reducing exhausting routine work and unblocking staff capacities for really creative activities. Properly structured information Faster planning, capability of variant planning and modeling impacts of various market situations.

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