MIS Application for Diagnostic Clinics

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Software for Diagnostic Clinics

MIS Application for Diagnostic Clinics

Multi-user web application which can be used in both intranet / internet environment. The access rights (read / write / modify / delete) of each user is defined as per his role in respective departments by the administrator. The admin has the right to create sub-admins and users, and can modify the role of any user at any point of time.

This application has been developed for health care companies / diagnostic clinics and can be used by any one in similar industry or any company which wants to define access to their application in the hierarchical order.

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Key Features of the application

  • Doctor master
  • Chamber details & timings of respective doctors
  • Details of the medical representatives
  • In-house consultants / doctors
  • Clinical / pathological / IVF tests conducted in the laboratory along with the rate chart
  • Department master along with department categories
  • User master along with access rights and roles
  • Medicine master along with categories and dosages
  • Patient Infertility History (specifically for IVF units / infertility treatment units)
  • Test booking details for consulting patients, along with bill generation
  • Invoice and money receipt generation
  • Reports
  • MediSoft can be integrated with our inhouse accounting management system, so that not only is the salary processed but it's reflection in the company's accounting system is also done simultaneously.

Advantages of the application

  • The web application is fully scalable, and can be customized as per client's requirement
  • The reports section is also fully customizable as per client's requirement
  • Each user's access rights and roles can be very easily defined by the admin
  • The application can be hosted on the intranet / internet environment, as per requirement.
  • Facility of multiple users working on the same application simultaneously
  • Since the data is on the database server, the same can be secured by implementing proper security features in place.
  • Integration with our inhouse accounting system saves time and energy of the accounts department, as the same transaction starts reflecting in the accounts section at real time.
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