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Apnaekart || Customized Shopping Site

Business owners all across the country run successful online store at apnaEkart. You can sell fashion, electronics, sporting goods, furniture, even food. Easy to use interface to get your shopping site going in minutes !! Get a personalised web address to promote your shopping site !! Work without any headache of maintaining the server, and incurring huge expenses every month

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Delenate || Task Management Application

Welcome to DELENATE! Manage tasks assigned to yourself or your team members within the organization. Every member becomes accountable & responsible to finish the jobs assigned by his peers / boss within the stipulated date, which also benefits him during his / her appraisal. Delenate offers to manage tasks assigned to yourself & your colleagues in an organization.

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MediSoft || Complete Solution for Diagnostic Clinics

MediSoft as the name suggests, is a complete software solution for all the diagnostic clinics. Whether it be storing data of the patients, billing for various medical tests or maintaining accounts of the earnings and expenses, MediSoft is the one stop solution. Since again it is on the cloud, there is no need to maintain huge expenses.

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School Manager || Software Solution for Schools

School Manager is an integrated web application which stores all the data of the students studying in a particular educational institution. This data can be their personal information, performance & academic record over the years, fee collected & outstanding against particular students etc

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HR Manager || Software Solution for Payroll Management

HR Manager is a web application which can be used for processing salary of the employees within an organization. It not only processes salary of the employees, but also manages leaves, tax implications on part of the employer and employees.

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Vantage CRM || CRM Application for Small & Mid Sized Companies

Vantage CRM helps grow your business by passing your message to the public about the benefits of your product or service. Whether you choose to market through billboards, flyers, television ads or a combination of methods, you should consider adding emails to your advertising mix.

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